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1Zpresso K-Pro

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The manual universal coffee grinder 1Zpresso K-Pro is the flagship model of the Taiwanese brand 1Zpresso, whose mission is to create innovative coffee grinders with an engineering approach and passion for delicious coffee.  This coffee grinder has everything you need to get a quality even grind for both pullover and espresso: conical steel grinders made of stainless steel, metal support elements, precise step-by-step adjustment of grinding steps (90 clicks per revolution / step 22 microns per click),  combined with a millstone, a central steel shaft to improve the accuracy of the grinding fraction, a double suspension of the millstone shaft on ball bearings, anti-slip coating.  Precise mechanics provide high unimodality of grinding, which gives a clean and juicy "cup" in open extraction methods and a bright acid espresso.  The design of grinders has the heptagonal form that provides universality of application of a coffee grinder and high speed of grinding of grains at diameter of grinders of 48 mm.  The grinding adjustment ring has an external upper arrangement.  The handle of the coffee grinder is made of natural wood, which is nice to hold in your hand.  This model of coffee grinder is designed to load 30-35 grams of coffee at a time.  1Zpresso K-Pro is a wonderful universal manual coffee grinder for advanced coffee lovers


Fast and efficient grinding

Ergonomic design with curved handle lever

Prefabricated construction

Shaft connected to a millstone

Silicone anti-slip coating

Grinding gradations from cezve to the French press

External step-by-step adjustment of the grinding quality with the upper location (9 digital marks, 90 clicks per revolution)


Diameter of millstones (external), mm: 48

Grain hopper capacity, g: 30-35

Materials: aluminum / stainless steel.  steel / wood / polycarbonate / silicone

Color: brushed aluminum / gray / wood

Weight, g: 750

Dimensions without handle (DhV), mm: 52x193

Warning !

Do not clean the coffee grinder with water.  Only clean the coffee grinder with a dry brush or blower

Please read the operating instructions and reference manual for setting up the coffee grinder before use.

The millstones were calibrated and installed by the 1Zpresso team.  Disassembly of the grinder can affect the accuracy of the grinding setting and damage the coffee grinder

There may be small scratches on the surface of the aluminum body of the coffee grinder, similar to brushed steel.  This is normal and expected as part of the anodizing process

Specifications and equipment of the product are subject to change without notice

Manufacturer Taiwan


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