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Cafflano Classic 3 in 1

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Brands Cafflano

Product Code: 06656045

Cafflano Сlasic 3 in 1 is known all over the world as a mobile and compact coffee brewing kit, wherever you are. A manual coffee grinder, along with a flask (stainless food grade steel) and a pourover, make it possible to take a compact set with you on a trip, to work or a picnic. The high quality of materials and the original Korean assembly, thoughtfulness in detail, affordable price and compactness, have made a very good reputation all over the world.

The manual coffee grinder has ceramic blades, and most importantly, a centralized bearing, for high grinding precision. Removable, folding handle and other metal parts are made of stainless food polished steel. All parts of the coffee grinder can be easily disassembled, washed, and reassembled with ease if you need it. Grinding can be adjusted from very fine (like flour) for turkish, to medium for pour over or otherwise.

The compact reusable pourover has a stainless steel metal fine mesh that retains even finely ground coffee. If you like coffee with a higher body in taste, use a reusable filter. If you want to have a cleaner taste of your coffee, you can use a paper filter (Kalita filters work well, small ones). The reusable filter comes with a hot water tank from which you will brew coffee. In which you can also store coffee and filters during transport.

The lower flask with a volume of 450 ml (for three cups of coffee) also allows you to additionally store coffee and filters during transportation, but its main purpose is to be a container for brewed coffee. Made from food friendly materials, this is a great thermos cup that closes with a lid to keep your coffee hot.


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